Offer for the provision of paid educational services

Limited liability company "U24.Academy" (Primary State Registration Number (OGRN): 1197847228754, Taxpayer Identification Number (INN): 7811740418), which provides educational services in accordance with additional education license №4405 issued by the Education Committee of the Government of Saint Petersburg 21.04.2021, publishes this Public Offer for the providing paid educational services.

1. General provisions

1.1. According to the article 435 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, an offer is a proposal to conclude a contract for the provision of educational services. This document is hereinafter referred to as the Offer/Contract/Agreement.

1.2. This Offer is available in the public domain on the website, it is addressed to individuals to conclude an agreement with LLC "U24.Academy" on the following terms.

1.3. Acceptance of the terms set forth in this Public Offer is a cash receipt from the Customer to the Contractor's account, who is a paying agent, or using "ЮKassa" as payment for educational services offered on the site. In accordance with paragraph 3 of the article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, acceptance of the offer is equivalent to entering into a contract in writing on the terms set out in the offer.

1.4. The contract between the Customer and the Contractor for the educational Service chosen by the Customer is considered to be concluded on the terms of the Offer from the moment of Acceptance until the Contractor and the Customer fully fulfill their obligations under it.

1.5. The rules and procedure for processing personal data of the site users and customers are set out in the privacy policy published on the site Providing personal data means full and unconditional consent to all the clauses set out in the Privacy Policy.

2. Terms and definitions

2.1. The Site is a set of web pages published on the Internet, united by a single theme, design and a single domain address space, including, but not limited to, the following domain name

2.2. The Contractor is LLC "U24.Academy" (Primary State Registration Number (OGRN): 1197847228754, Taxpayer Identification Number (INN): 7811740418).

2.3. The Customer is an individual who has accepted this offer.

2.4. Online learning represents educational services, i.a. providing the Customer with access to the recording of educational lectures or to live stream lectures on the Internet (webinar room) on a chosen topic. The name, program, price of webinars and other necessary information are available on the site.

2.5. Individual learning is educational services, which mean holding an online or offline meeting with speakers.The programme, price and other necessary information are published on the Site.

2.6. Unique key is a unique hypertext link that allows you to get access to a webinar or an online learning.

2.7. Information materials are the materials created by the Contractor and intended for sale on the site

3. The subject of the contract

3.1. The Contractor undertakes to provide the Customer with educational services, and the Customer undertakes to pay for these educational services and properly comply with the conditions set forth in this Offer.

3.2. The Contractor's services can be provided in the form of:

* Organizing an online learning.

* Providing access to the online learning.

*The name of the specific online educational programme, time (duration), the procedure, cost, other conditions should be placed by the Contractor before entering into the Contract on the telecommunications network "Internet" on the official website of the Contractor (hereinafter the "Site") on the relevant page of the Site, which is an integral annex of this agreement.

3.3 The list of the Contractor's educational services to conduct the online learning includes
- Development of the program, schedule and other conditions of the online learning.

- Organizational support of the online learning.

- Organizing the online learning itself.

- Providing access to the training platform where the online educational programme is conducted.

- Providing information materials included in the course program.

- Providing training materials.

3.4. Participation in the online learning is carried out by means of online viewing (viewing via the Internet) of video materials and other materials that make up the online educational programme, as well as performing tasks of the Performer, if they are provided by the course program.

3.5. The service for providing access to the online learning is implemented by sending to the Customer a unique key (hyperactive link) required to view the webinar recording or to view the online streaming of the webinar, depending on the webinar chosen by the Customer.

3.6. The Contractor has the right to provide services personally and with the involvement of third parties.

3.7. The Contractor has the right to:

- to provide educational services themselves, establish a rating system, forms, order and frequency of the mid-terms;

- to encourage the Customer or impose disciplinary measures upon themselves in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, constituent documents of the Contractor, this Offer and local legal acts of the Contractor.

3.8. The Customer has the right to:

- to receive the information concerning the organization and provision of the good quality of the services from the Contractor;

- to contact the Contractor with questions regarding the educational process;

- to use the Contractor's property for completing the educational programme in accordance with the local legal acts;

- to participate in sociocultural, recreational and other events held by the Contractor according to the procedures established by local legal acts;

- to receive full and reliable information regarding the assessment of their knowledge, skills, competencies and the assessment criteria.

3.9. The Contractor is obliged to:

- to enroll the Customer as a student if all conditions for admission, established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, constituent documents, local legal acts of the Contractor, are met;

- to inform the Customer about all conditions of the provision of paid educational services in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act of the Russian Federation and the Federal law "About Education in the Russian Federation";

- to provide to the Customer necessary conditions required for the completion of the chosen educational programme;

- to receive the Customer's payment for the educational services;

- to provide to the Customer conditions where the respect for human dignity, protection from all forms of physical and mental violence and insults to the personality, protection of human life and health are provided;

- to inform the Customer about the reasons of the absence during the lessons;

- to comply with the requirements of the constituent documents, internal regulations and other local legal acts of the Contractor.

3.10. As soon as the educational programme is completed and the final examination is passed by the Customer, they shall receive a document in the established format, proving the completion of the educational programme.

4. The procedure for the conclusion of the contract

4.1. This Contract is concluded by performing the following actions by the Customer (acceptance of the public offer).

4.2. The Customer enters their last name, first name, patronymic (if necessary), email address, phone number, the address in special columns on the site, selects the educational programme, the tariff and pays for it in full. The Customer is fully responsible for the accuracy and reliability of the specified contact information, since information exchange will be carried out in accordance with it.

4.3. Payment for the Contractor's educational services made by the Customer confirms that the Customer has become familiar with the terms of this public offer and fully and unconditionally accepts them.

4.4. The Customer can find out necessary additional information by sending an email to:

5. The procedure for the provision of services

5.1. Online Learning.

5.1.1. On the first day of training on condition of the full payment for the service, the Contractor shall send to the Customer`s email a link to the website, i.a. a learning platform that will host online course, as well as the login and password for authorization on it.

5.1.2. During the online learning, the Contractor provides the Customer with:

• an opportunity to watch the video image of the teachers of the online educational programme, to hear his speech and follow the presentation (if such an opportunity is provided by the educational program). During the online learning, participants have the opportunity to ask questions to the lecturer via online chat in the time allotted by the lecturer.

• access to video and audio recordings of the classes (if this option is provided by the chosen tariff).

• access to information materials in the form of text materials or in electronic form (if this option is provided by the chosen tariff).

* tasks to be completed independently with subsequent verification, comments and recommendations of the Contractor/employee of the Contractor (if this option is provided by the selected programme).

*individual consultation, if one is provided for by the selected programme.

5.1.3. The duration of the online learning is indicated on the website. The start of the online learning is announced on the website in the relevant section. The specified information can be duplicated as a separate email to the Customer's email address.

5.1.4. When accessing the site where the online course is held, the Customer is granted the right to post reviews, questions, photos, and texts on the resource. At the same time, it is prohibited to express ethnic, religious and inter-state discord, use foul words and insults towards users of the system and third parties, get personal and get into altercations, distribute information prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation and international law, promote weapons, alcohol and drugs. The Customer is solely responsible to third parties for the actions related to their activities on the Site, including that their actions comply with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation and do not violate the rights and legitimate interests of third parties. The customer independently and at their own expense undertakes to settle all claims of representatives of state bodies, as well as third parties related to their actions on the Site. In case such behavior is detected, the Contractor has the right to block the Customer's access to the Site. In this case, no refund will be made. The parties recognize the withheld funds as a penalty for the actions of the Customer.
5. 2. Webinar.

5.2.1. After receiving payment for Customer`s selected webinar, the Contractor shall provide the Customer with an opportunity to view the selected webinar in the electronic form by providing the Customer with the unique key required to activate access to the webinar or to provide the Customer with an opportunity to view online streaming of the webinar – depending on a chosen webinar. The unique key is sent to the Customer`s email address specified by the Customer at the time when the order is placed.

5.3. Under this Agreement the Customer undertakes not to record, distribute (publish, post on Internet sites, copy, transfer or resell it to third parties) information and materials provided by the Contractor for commercial or non-commercial purposes, not to create information products based on it for the purpose of gaining commercial profit, and not to use this information in any other way except for personal use.

5.4. The Customer shall refrain from recording online learning programmes, broadcasting online lessons, text materials and their distribution (including in the form of posting on the Internet, including for a fee, for transfer to collective/shared ownership), as well as from retransmitting (i.a. paid) lectures/seminars for persons who have not concluded a contract for the provision of services with the Contractor. For the Contractor`s copyright and related rights infringement, the perpetrator can be prosecuted in accordance with the article 146 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

5.5. Do not change the software part of the site on no account from which the educational services are provided, do not perform any actions aimed at changing the functioning and performance of the site.

5.6. Do not post personal data of third parties on the site without their consent, including home addresses, phone numbers, passport data and email addresses.

5.7. Do not place commercial advertising, commercial offers, promotional information or any other intrusive information on the site, except in cases where the placement of such information is coordinated with the Contractor.

5.8. The Services provided by this Agreement are provided by the Contractor exclusively to the Customer personally. The Customer is forbidden to transfer access details (username, password, unique key, link) for receiving educational services by third parties, as well as to receive or purchase educational services jointly with third parties without the Contractor's special permission.

5.9. The educational services are considered to have been provided and accepted without preparation of acts of acceptance of services rendered at the time of sending the Customer login and password (for online learning) or a unique key (for the purpose of watching the recorded lectures of the educational programme) required for the activation of access to the educational service.

5.10. By posting texts, photos, reviews and other content on the training platform, the Customer grants the Contractor non - exclusive rights for public display of such content, processing, reproduction, and dissemination to the public without limitation of territory and term, without payment of remuneration. The Customer's content will be available for viewing by the Customer and other participants of the educational programmes.

5.11. Under this Agreement the total liability of the Contractor for any claim or a claim in relation to the agreement or its performance is limited to the payment paid to the Contractor by the Customer. In doing so, the Performer can only be charged for actual damage, but not for lost profits.

6. Payment procedure

6.1. The cost and payment procedure are indicated on the website in the relevant sections.

6.2. Payment for educational services shall be made in full prepayment (100%). Cost increase of educational programmes after the Contract is signed is prohibited except for the cost increase due to changes in rates of inflation envisaged in following fiscal year and plan period.

6.3. All payments shall be made in rubles.

6.4. The payment system commission is not included in the cost of educational services and shall be paid by the Customer separately. The educational service will be considered paid at the moment of receipt of funds to the Contractor's account.

6.5. If the payment is received in the amount less than the cost of the educational service, the present Contract shall not be deemed to be concluded.

6.6. If educational services are provided insufficiently or its quality does not comply with the one was claimed in the educational programme (part of the educational programme), the Customer may demand one of the following options:
- non-paid provision of the educational service;
- proportional reduction of the cost of the provided educational service;
- refunding of the Customer's expenses incurred during the addressing the shortcomings of the provided educational service themselves or by third parties.

6.7. The Customer has the right to refuse from the performance of the Contract and demand the full compensation if the Contractor does not address shortcomings of the educational service within 10 calendar days. The Contractor also has the right to refuse from the performance of the Contract if they discover a substantial shortcoming of the educational service or other substantial deviations from the Contract.

6.8. The Customer has the right to demand a full compensation of the expenses incurred due to the delay in the start and/or completion of the rendering educational service and due to the shortcomings of the educational service.

6.9. In case of receiving a request for refund during the online learning, money paid by the Customer will not be refunded.

6.10. The parties agree to consider the sums of money withheld by the Contractor as a contractual penalty paid by the Customer to the Contractor for violation of the terms of this Agreement.

6.11. Waiver statement is considered to be duly executed if it mentions:

* Full name and the residential address of the Customer;

*The reason for refund and bank details for the transfer;

*The waiver statement must be signed by the Customer, scanned and sent to the Contractor's email address, indicated in the Contract, by email as well as by registered mail to the Contractor's address. The decision to refund money is made by the Contractor based on the study of the reason for refund and compliance with the terms of the Agreement.

6.12. Within 10 (ten) business days the Contractor shall make a decision on refund and inform the Customer about it by sending a response to the Customer's email address.

6.13. The refund shall be made within 10 (ten) business days from the moment the Contractor makes a positive decision on refund.

6.14. Refund shall be made by transferring money to the Customer's bank account specified in the waiver statement.

6.15. In case the Customer, for reasons beyond the Contractor's control, does not use access to the Site, watch video lessons, read text and graphic material, complete tasks, the educational services are considered to have been provided properly and the money paid to the Contractor is not refundable.

7. Resolution of disputes under the contract

7.1. All disputes or disagreements arising between the parties under this agreement or in connection with it shall be resolved through negotiations between the parties.

7.2. In case disputes cannot be resolved through negotiations between the parties, they shall be subject to judicial review in the court of general jurisdiction in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation at the location of the Contractor.

7.3. The parties have agreed that they will use the following data only for electronic correspondence: On behalf of the Contractor: and the address with the domain name. On behalf of the Customer – the email address specified at the moment of making payment for the educational programme. The parties recognize correspondence from the specified email addresses as a condition for recognizing the email address as a simple electronic signature. All notifications and messages sent by the Parties to each other at the above e-mail addresses are recognized by the Parties as official correspondence under this Agreement.

8. Liability of the parties

8.1. The Parties are responsible for non-performance or improper performance of the obligations under this Offer in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The Contractor is not responsible for the inability of the Customer to participate in the training, which occurred for reasons beyond the Contractor's control.

8.2. The Contractor is not responsible for discrepancy between the provided educational services and the Customer's expectations and/or for the Customer's subjective evaluation, such a mismatch of expectations and/or negative subjective evaluation are not grounds to consider educational services to be provided in poor quality, or not in the agreed volume.

8.3. No information, materials and/or consultations provided by the Contractor as part of the provision of educational services under this agreement can be considered as guarantees. Decision-making based on all information provided by the Contractor is the sole responsibility of the Customer. The Customer assumes full responsibility and risks associated with the use of information and materials provided by the Contractor within their obligations under this Agreement.

9. The validity and change of the Offer

9.1. This Offer comes into force from the moment the Customer accepts the Offer and is valid until the parties fully fulfill their obligations.

9.2. The Customer agrees and acknowledges that making changes to the Offer entails making these changes to the contract concluded between the Customer and the Contractor, and these changes will take effect simultaneously with such changes in the Offer. The current version of the Offer is available on the website Continued use of the site will mean that the User or Customer agrees to the terms of the new version of the Offer. In case the User or Customer does not agree to the terms of the new version of the Offer, they shall stop using the Site.

10. Exclusive and copyright rights

10.1. All materials provided by the Contractor to the Customer during the webinar and online learning, as well as photo and video shooting received by the Contractor during the online learning, are the result of the Contractor's intellectual activity. The Customer gives their permission to use their photo-video image included in the materials specified in this clause. If the Customer does not agree with the use of their image or other data, they must notify the Contractor in writing at the email address:

10.2. Exclusive copyright, including related rights, belong to the Contractor. All materials provided to the Customer by the Contractor during the provision of educational services are only for the Customer's personal use. The Customer does not have the right to copy or publicly quote the specified materials.

10.3. The Contractor is the copyright holder of the site, webinars, online courses, and information materials as composite works.

10.4. The content posted on the site shall not be copied, published, reproduced, processed, distributed, sold or otherwise used in parts or in full without the written consent of the Contractor.

10.5. For audio, video materials, tasks, lecture texts and other results of intellectual activity of the Contractor, the Customer is granted a simple (non-exclusive) license (for the entire world) for a period of 30 (thirty) calendar days or for another period, depending on the chosen educational programme, from the moment of payment for the programme. The specified content can be used in the following ways: by familiarizing with it (by viewing, reading, listening, or other familiarizing depending on the type of Content, as well as by reproducing it exclusively for personal purposes.

11. Final provisions

11.1. In everything that is not regulated by this agreement, the parties are guided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

11.2. By accepting the terms of this Offer, the Customer agrees to receive information via email and messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and others) about all events held by the Contractor, their terms, financial conditions, and other information, regardless of the validity period of this Offer. On doing so, the Customer has the right to unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time by notifying the Contractor by sending an email to: In this case, the Customer is responsible for not receiving the information.

11.3. The court's recognition of any provision of this Offer as invalid or unenforceable does not entail the invalidity or unenforceability of other provisions of the Agreement.

11.4. The Customer guarantees that they are familiar with the Federal law "On personal data protection" and the Contractor's privacy policy. By accepting this offer, the Customer gives their consent to processing their personal data with or without the use of automation tools, transferring it to third parties, storaging and destructing it in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. The parties agrees to consider the Customer's consent to processing of the following personal data: last name, first name, patronymic; email addresses (e-mail), phone number, residential address, as well as other information received by the Contractor from the Customer. The Customer's personal data is used only for the purpose of proper performance of this agreement. Personal data shall not be transferred to third parties. Providing information to third parties who act under an agreement with the Contractor to fulfill obligations to the Customer shall not be considered as the violation of the confidentiality of Personal data.

11.5. Without contradicting the above, the Contractor is released from liability for violation of the terms of the Agreement, if such violation is caused by force majeure (force majeure), including: actions of state authorities (including the adoption of legal acts), fire, flood, earthquake, other natural disasters, lack of electricity and/or computer network failures, strikes, civil unrest, riots, any other circumstances, not limited to the above, that may affect the execution of the Agreement by the Contractor.

12. Bank details of the Contractor

Limited Liability Company "U24.Academy"

Taxpayer Identification Number 7811740418

Tax Registration Reason Code 781101001

Primary State Registration Number 1197847228754

Beneficiary's Acc. № 40702810155000056079

Corresponding account: 30101810500000000653

SWIFT 044030653


Address: Saint-Petersburg, Krylenko st. 1, b. 1/5, fl. 105

Director General: Garipova Anastasiya